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“Kerry Lee understands what is required of an in-house legal department. It creates added value. It presents the advice and solution in a way that is easy for an internal team to handle. He is enthusiastic, nothing is too much effort. It is also a pleasure to deal with him. Publications: Many members have written or contributed to legal textbooks and other published works. Highlights include: Insurance Claims 2nd Edition 2016 by Alison Padfield KC. “Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability”, written by members of the Professional Liability Team, is in its 8th edition and remains a leading authority. Chief of Staff, Mark Cannon KC is co-author of “Cannon & McGurk on Professional Indemnity Insurance” 2nd ed. (2016). Charles Phipps is co-author of “Confidentiality” (2013) with the late Lord Toulson SCJ, while Nicholas Bacon KC is co-editor of “Cook on Costs” (2013) and Halsbury`s Laws of England. Can Yeginsu is co-author of “The Protections for Religious Rights: Law and Practice” (2013).

“Anthony Taylor – a first-class legal thinker and litigator.” “The team is really fabulous. They conduct investigations with the utmost discretion, respect for the environment and personally. Their advice was legally sound, but easy to understand and practical. The diversity of the team is a great strength – the team didn`t feel like they were talking to a panel that didn`t understand our business, they felt like they could understand us and advise us in our landscape. “Our experience working with Mr. Swart/John Rollason [London] and the team has been excellent. Mr. Swart and Mr.

Rollason are experienced lawyers and, in addition to receiving very helpful and constructive legal advice, they understand our business very well, which allows them to combine the legal side of things with considerations and business practices. They are always available for phone and video calls or for face-to-face meetings. We have not identified any weaknesses so far. “Can draw on extensive experience to support the in-house legal team in their contract negotiations. “David Griffiths excels at distilling complex legal issues and explaining them in terms that lay trustees can understand. He is a very reassuring presence when working on multifaceted projects. “This group has strengths in all areas and its depth of jurists and lawyers is excellent. “The SPB team understands the legal issues and how to achieve an outcome that can sometimes be better served without the need for formal litigation, and how finding a solution to the problem through negotiation might be a better answer for all parties involved. CLIENT: COMPANY: Moderna TESTIMONIAL: “I haven`t found a scientific direction where the team doesn`t feel comfortable. The Mathys & Squire team does a great legal job for us and is always looking for information to help us better understand European legal issues. “The team was tight-knit and everyone was great communicators.

Although several lawyers and paralegals worked on projects, they were all on the same page at all times. “Stuart James has proven that he knows his way, not only from a legal perspective, where he is excellent, but also in his understanding of technology.” “Kerry Lee and Callum Burbidge stood out for me. Kerry offers excellent practical advice and always indicates which solution is best for our business. Kerry is a trustworthy pair of hands. Callum takes complex questions and presents them in simple and easily understandable points, which is fundamental to being able to make an informed decision on a complex legal issue. Callum is a trustworthy pair of hands. “The team is exceptional. He combines legal talent with a thorough understanding of the technical and industrial issues that arose in the arbitration proceedings in question. I mainly met José Feris and Carole Sportes, both of whom are world-renowned lawyers with extensive experience in arbitration, including ICC disputes.

“Victoria Leigh excels above all in her ability to analyze complex issues with considerable skill, but then to explain them to laymen in a way that is completely understandable without being wrapped in legal terminology. Second, she is an excellent case strategist. After all, she has always been very interested in providing excellent customer service at all levels. As for the staff, I highly recommend Mariyam Harunah. “The team is made up of a number of highly effective lawyers who together deliver good results to their clients. They were compliant with the law and had excellent industry knowledge in this area. “Victoria Leigh is one of the best pension partners in the country. Combines intelligence and extremely impressive legal knowledge with clients` attention to detail and exceptional skills.

Someone you want to have by your side in retirement conflicts. » COMPANY/FIRM: Ogier TESTIMONIAL: We have always been impressed by the quality of the services we have received from 4 New Square, both in terms of the quality of the legal advice provided by the team of lawyers and the efficiency with which the team of clerks handles our requests. We have sought advice at all levels in the Chambers and, on occasion, we have needed a recommendation on who is best placed to assist in the Chambers. Our business has always been entrusted to lawyers who have impressed and provided practical legal advice within (often short) deadlines that are useful to our clients. “Jonathan Chibafa has a diverse background that informs him very well from different angles. His strategic judgment and legal knowledge have been honed in nearly 10 years of independent practice with the law firm. His time spent in-house with large multinationals allows him to accurately understand what customers need and want. He has a broad perspective that includes regulatory risks and compliance practices. “Adrian Spooner is an excellent practitioner. His advice can always be implemented in a practical way through business operations.

I believe this is due to his legal knowledge and experience, complemented by his work as a pharmacist and his direct experience in the pharmaceutical industry. “SPB`s lawyers are strong in all critical areas to provide excellent legal advice and representation in general litigation. Their lawyers are all smart, highly motivated, hardworking and easy to understand. You work very well in a team and successfully leverage the skills and experience of everyone involved. They always remain focused on the customer and the results. “I knew the legal situation in detail and needed time to understand our economic objectives. Very responsive in a very short time. “The pensions team is extremely proactive. Lawyers are on the ball and cutting through legalization to achieve reasonable and pragmatic results. I am impressed with the quality of the work and the way they advise both in and out of meetings. Kate Bailey is my partner contact. She attends directors` meetings and provides feedback and advice at those meetings that are reasonable and extremely helpful in moving things forward.

“We have found that the team is very pragmatic and business-oriented, with in-depth and purely legal knowledge.” Mathys & Squire`s 28 Partners, five Of Counsels and 31 Partners are supported by 24 other technical assistants at various stages of qualification and a team of 17 paralegals. Operating in 10 offices in the UK and Europe with teams in China, Japan and Dublin, this expertise enables the company to deploy a team with the right skills and leadership at the right cost to provide bespoke IP solutions and business advice to meet client needs. “Alexis Martinez is very easy to work with and he is absolutely committed to his clients. He is very thoughtful when sharing articles and legal updates and has extensive geographic experience and relationships. His in-depth knowledge of current and relevant arbitration decisions is also very impressive. “Mark Prior was able to bring together different legal aspects and more comprehensive advice to formulate a thoughtful but commercial response. “We`ve tried many different legal teams over the years, but without a doubt, Squire Patton Boggs was the best in terms of understanding our requirements (pretty specialized computer software contracts), responsiveness, and the relationship we have. “Helpful and responsive. Good for explaining difficult legal terms. “They`re very experienced, but incredibly `user-friendly` – they provide insight into customer needs and priorities and quickly focus on shared results. It is important that they are constantly down to earth, which helps build trust. The senior partner is able (and willing) to coordinate key practice “leads” to ensure that legal advice is complete. “The Squire Patton Boggs employment team continued to provide us with clear and concise legal advice and often had to respond to inquiries in unknown areas such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Squire team takes the time to understand our business in order to be well positioned to provide appropriate advice and balance legal risk with the economic benefits of consulting. “Mae Salem excelled in our transaction and never let herself be relieved of difficult situations with a very clear attitude to close the deal in the best conditions for us, the client.”