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Registration of trademarks and service marks, container marks, flax marks and names of farms, ranches, estates or villas Immigration consultants and other miscellaneous obligations, joint powers, assigns, statement of facts – List of public bodies, athletes` agents The Department of State is the oldest department of the Michigan State Government and is administered by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State, who is elected for a four-year term with a maximum of two terms, is a member of the executive branch and exercises constitutional and statutory functions. The Secretary of State is the chief administrator of motor vehicles and chief electoral officer for the state`s 10 million residents and is a voting member of several state boards and commissions, including the State Administrative Council, the Governor`s Highway Safety Advisory Commission, and the Michigan Truck Safety Commission. In the event of a simultaneous vacancy in the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, including absence from the State, the Secretary of State shall act as Governor. Michigan is one of two states where the secretary of state has authority over election processes, as well as vehicle registrations and driver`s licenses. Other responsibilities include managing driver training and road safety programs; Certification of documents as custodian of the Great Seal, which provides the highest level of document certification in the state; and the administration of the notaries program. The department also holds official state records, including state and local government records, state regulations, and trade finance statements. In addition, the Department maintains the register of State organ donors. The organizational structure of the Department of State includes the Office of Elections, the Customer Services Administration, the Legal Services Administration, and several offices administered by the Department`s Chief of Staff. For more information on the services provided by the different departments of our agency, please use the following directory: The Legal Services Administration (LSA) provides legal support to the Department of State and includes the Office of Legal Policy, the Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight, and the Office of Investigative Services. LSA also supports the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

The Bureau of Customer Service (BCS) manages all branches of the Secretary of State throughout the state. BCS offers, among other things, driver`s licenses, vehicle titles and registrations, and voter registration services. All business, with the exception of Executive Suite appointments, is handled by United Twelve Customer Service at the side entrance. John Tobler Undersecretary for Communications, Outreach and Promotion 8585 Archives Ave. 225.922.2880 225.922.2003 fax. Voter registration, updating of electoral procedures, district election officials, election results, voter registration statistics, electoral calendar, candidate information, voter information guides, electoral systems. For answers to technical questions about this website, please send an e-mail to the webmaster. ( Purchasing Department Derick Bond Director 3851 Essen Lane 225.922.2880 225.922.1075 Fax. The Secretary of State is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m.

to 4.30 p.m. Register a domestic partnership, terminate a registry, change your address Pursuant to Section 238 of PA 166 of 2022, the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) is issuing this notice stating that it has implemented a hybrid policy that includes personal, remote, and alternative work arrangements. The department or agency has the authority to assign and plan its employees and determine their place of work. This directive also provides work options based on the operational needs of the department or agency. Approval is at the discretion of the department or agency and may be amended or revoked depending on operational requirements. The policy includes which positions are eligible for a work option, how to apply for one, and what requirements are required for approval. Section 238. THE INTENTION OF THE LEGISLATOR IS THAT MINISTRIES MAXIMIZE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE STATE WORKFORCE AND, TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE, GIVE PRIORITY TO PERSONAL WORK. ANY DEPARTMENT, AGENCY, BOARD OR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THAT RECEIVES PART 1 FUNDING MUST PUBLISH ITS POLICY ON PERSONAL, REMOTE OR HYBRID WORK ON ITS WEBSITE. Forms and fees, inquiries, privileges, bulk orders Elective Operation Nick Meyers Director 8585 Avenue Archives 225.922.2486 225.922.0197 Fax A small number of our email responses are returned as undeliverable for various reasons. In this case, we will send a response through the U.S. Postal Service if the sender provides a mailing address.

To ensure we can respond in a timely manner, please include your name, full mailing address and phone number in the body of your email. Forms, samples and fees, name availability information, inquiries (certificates, copies and status reports) Notarial Orders, Training, Manual, Disciplinary Guidelines, Seal Manufacturers The office is located at 8585 Archives Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70809. Offices managed by Chiefs of Staff include the Office of Communications and External Affairs (OCEA), the Office of Human Resources (OHR), the Office of Information and Security Control (OISC), the Office of Continuous Improvement and Transformation (OCIT) and the Core Technology Platform Division (TCDC). geauxBIZ Commercial Division Amanda Baker Commercial Administrator 8585 Archives Ave. 225.925.4704 225.932.5314 fax. If you have difficulty accessing materials on this website due to a disability, please contact the ADA Coordinator or write to us at 1500 11th Street, Suite 475, Sacramento, CA 95814, ATTN: Michael Green, ADA Coordinator. James E. Rudder Building1019 Brazos StreetAustin, TX 78701. Elections Division of GeauxVote Sherri Wharton Hadskey Commissioner of Elections 8585 Avenue Archives 800.883.2805 225.922.0900 225.922.0945 fax Accounting Division 8585 Archives Ave. 225.922.2880 225.922.0929 fax Human Resources Division Daniel David Director 8585 Avenue Archives 225.922.2880 225.925.6034 Fax Confidential Address Program for Victims of Certain Crimes From I-10 East, take the Essen Lane exit and turn left. Walk down Essen Lane before turning right at Louisiana State Archives on Archives Avenue. Louisiana State Archives Catherine Newsome State Archivist and Executive Director 3851 Essen Lane 225.922.1000 225.922.0433 Fax.

Minister Raffensperger is committed to ensuring that all Georgians hold fair and secure elections. Legislative and constituent services, media requests. From I-12 West, take the Drusilla Lane exit. Turn left and walk down Drusilla Lane before turning right onto Jefferson Highway. Walk down Jefferson Highway and turn left onto Essen Lane before turning left onto Archives Avenue at the Louisiana State Archives. 430 W. Allegan St. Richard H. Austin Building – 4th Floor Lansing, MI 48918 The Bureau of Elections (BOE) is responsible for overseeing elections and relevant programs in Michigan, including campaign finance and lobbying disclosures. The office oversees county, city and municipal clerks, district election committees, and election commissions. Campaign finance, lobbying, electronic filing for candidates, committees and donors R. Kyle Ardoin Secretary of State 8585 Avenue Archives 225.922.2880 225.922.2003 Fax Legal Division Merietta Norton General Counsel 8585 Archives Avenue 225.922.2880 225.922.1180 Fax.